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Cornering The IoT/IIoT Enclosures Market

Most plastic enclosures tend to be based around a square or rectangular plan size. But that does not make for easy corner mounting.

Despite this, wedge-shaped standard enclosures remain few and far between. There are plenty of sloping front housings available for the desktop market but surprisingly few true wedges that would fit snugly in a 90° corner. And yet this has been a prime requirement for the surveillance market for decades – and is likely to be even more important over coming years as demand for IoT/IIoT enclosures increases. We’re meeting this demand with SMART-CONTROL, a wedge-shaped enclosure that can also be mounted on flat surfaces.  Its versatility provides the answer to one of the key dilemmas facing enclosure designers.

And that is this: on the one hand, a standard enclosure must suit a wide range of applications – otherwise it becomes a custom housing for a select few tasks. But conversely, the enclosure must suit clearly defined applications. If not, it risks being just another rectangular housing in an over-crowded market.

So how does a standard enclosure manage to be specialised and yet versatile at the same time? SMART-CONTROL accomplishes it by having a ‘Plan B’. Yes, it is a corner enclosure for mounting high on walls – but it can also be specified for desktop roles. How? By incorporating some key design features such as a choice of front (recessed or non-recessed). The recess is important because it can accommodate a membrane keypad for desktop use (accessories include a desk stand). The non-recessed convex option is better suited to wall mounted sensor applications. And moulding the enclosures from ASA+PC-FR (instead of ABS) enables them to withstand the rigours of a factory. SMART-CONTROL is assembled with Torx screws. IP 65 protection is optional. The enclosures are available in two sizes: 142 x 81 x 46 mm and 173 x 101 x 59 mm.

IIoT Desktop And Wall Mount Enclosures

It is tempting to think of a smart factory as a plethora of data-led robots operating with little human intervention.

But the automata have yet to fully replace their human masters. And those human operators need display/control and access control electronics. Ideally a single range of enclosures should cover all these applications for reasons of practicality, cost and aesthetics. The aforementioned EVOTEC is one option but we’ve just unveiled another: PROTEC. What sets this sloping front square control enclosure apart is not just its large recessed front panel but also its choice of three rear sections. Version I’s rear section has a recessed area that protects cables and interfaces. Version II has a snap-on flush-fit cover that conceals the recess. Version III has an extra-deep cover that provides more space and also acts as a pedestal for desktop use. All three versions feature an ergonomically inclined (20°) front operating panel – along with three board mounting levels giving you plenty of space for components and assemblies. Other features include non-slip rubber feet and flush wall mounting (a suspension element is available as an accessory). Each version can be specified in three sizes: 140 x 140 x 76 mm, 180 x 180 x 92 mm and 220 x 220 x 108 mm.