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EASYTEC is available in two plan sizes and two heights: 101 x 50 x 22/26 mm and 121 x 62 x 26/31mm. Mounting pillars in the top and base offer a choice of two levels for installing the PCBs.

Which Plastic For IIoT Enclosures?

Today’s new IIoT enclosures need to be stronger and more resilient than the average plastic housing. So ABS – as a good a plastic as it is – may not be the first choice of material. ABS is great for a wide range of working environments but the average factory can prove more demanding. For this reason, EASYTEC is moulded from a flame-retardant ASA+PC-FR blend. ASA provides the enhanced UV stability while the polycarbonate (PC) offers greater impact resistance (it’s the plastic used in CDs and riot shields).

Why Pole-Mounted Enclosures Need To Be Ergonomic

EASYTEC’s design also features something more commonly found in handheld enclosures: ergonomic soft contours. This may at first seem superfluous, given that these enclosures are mounted on poles and walls, but at some point they will be handled, even if only during installation. Those soft curves also satisfy another important requirement – aesthetics. Enclosures must look as smart, modern and futuristic as the 21st century factories they inhabit. And ideally, they should feature the same design language as other enclosures in the factory. That’s why we’ve styled EASYTEC to match our EVOTEC designer desktop and wall mounted enclosures.