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Electronics manufacturers know the importance of Industry 4.0 only too well. The race is on to create the next generation of robotics, computing, sensor and HMI products that will take manufacturing to the next level and beyond. OEMs face huge pressure to meet burgeoning demand in this rapidly growing market sector. And all this IIoT sensor technology must be housed within enclosures robust enough to meet the challenging demands of the modern smart factory. That in itself has created a mini-boom segment in the electronic enclosures market.

Head of Marketing at OKW Gehäusesysteme

But until recently there was something missing from would-be IoT/IIoT housings – innovation. Enclosure manufacturers have been under such pressure to meet demand that many have simply repurposed existing designs and rebadged them as IIoT sensor cases. Few manufacturers offered any genuinely new customisable standard enclosures created specifically for IoT/IIoT and Industry 4.0. Not least because standard enclosures – by their very nature – have tended to be less specialised; they must remain versatile and be all things to all designers. But all that is changing. A new generation of IoT/IIoT-focused housings is now available to electronics designers vying to satiate demand for Industry 4.0 solutions.