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Optional accessories are available for any size: a wrist strap, a lanyard and a fastening kit consisting of a clip and eyelet. The enclosures have the high IP 65 protection class and have a modern appearance thanks to their highly polished finish and matt TPV sealing ring (lava, vermilion).


No matter in which area you are in a company, whether in shipping, in the warehouse, in production or simply at the coffee machine: employees are constantly meeting each other. People do not always think of keeping enough distance from one another. In times of COVID-19, however, this is essential; the company must continue to function smoothly and, above all, with healthy employees.

We often hear that chains of infection cannot be determined precisely. This leads to several problems. One solution could be a contact tracker integrated in the BODY-CASE. Employees who are equipped with it and have been in contact with an infected person are now easy to identify. Protective measures can be taken immediately and an uncontrolled chain of infection stopped.