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In times of the Corona pandemic, companies are facing major challenges. The prescribed distancing rules must be followed in order to combat COVID-19. Employees must be protected from possible chains of infection and health risks, and meetings are to be avoided or held by video chat in the home office. Of course, this is not feasible for employees in incoming goods departments, warehouse logistics or production areas. But what is the most efficient way to maintain minimum distances and protect the entire company from large-scale quarantine measures? OKW offers numerous enclosures for implementing distance control.

Lisa Steinmetz
Marketing Communications at OKW Gehäusesysteme

Since the beginning of the pandemic, compliance with safety precautions and the observance of minimum distances has been a top priority in companies. In a worst case scenario, the entire company could otherwise be shut down. Not only the integrated technology but also the enclosure must be innovative and highly suitable for this. As the devices for social distancing have to be worn directly on the body for seamless control of the minimum distance, it is important to create particularly handy, small and preferably "wearable" units. OKW Gehäusesysteme offers optimum enclosure solutions for such applications thanks to the SOFT-CASE, BODY-CASE and MINITEC product ranges.


The SOFT-CASE has a practical format with gentle curves for a pleasant touch sensation. A total of four sizes (L x W x H) are available in the materials ABS or PMMA (infrared-permeable):

  • S (82x51x14 mm)
  • M (105x65x19 mm)
  • L (117x73x24 mm)
  • XL (150x92x28 mm)