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But comfort is never more important than for wearable electronics. Not just in terms of shape but also in choice of materials. BODY-CASE watch-style enclosures are moulded from high-gloss (and easy-to-clean) ASA for a smooth feel, smart aesthetics and UV stability. BODY-CASE’s two case sections are separated by a soft-touch matt TPV sealing ring that adds IP 65 ingress protection and a dash of colour. And now there’s a new size XL version.

Sealing rings are something we used to great effect on our MINITEC personal electronic enclosures, winning an iF product design award. We created different rings that enable MINITEC to be fitted to belts, straps, lanyards, key rings or carried loose. Add that to the choice of shapes, sizes, colours and recess options and the number of standard permutations is mind-boggling.

Handheld enclosures become even more specialised with our eccentric (and double award-winning) BLOB range. These unique housings are designed to intuitively guide users’ hands to the controls. They are perfect for patients with restricted grip or learning difficulties.