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To see what we mean in more detail, take a look at the main banner photo on our Products page. Every single enclosure in that photo is standard – straight off the shelf. Not one has been customised. But they don’t look ‘standard’ – they all look as if they’ve been designed for a specific purpose. And so they have…but they’re also versatile enough to be mounted in different settings.

Customisable Enclosures For Medical Electronics

Customising a standard enclosure is a great way for you to help keep costs down and lead times short.
Simple design touches often make a huge difference. Our new EASYTEC sensor enclosures feature smart lugs at each end – making it quick and easy to cable-tie them to hospital bed rails or screw them to walls. There is also a concave recess at the rear to help EASYTEC sit more securely on poles or rails – without affecting its ability to be attached to a flat surface. These enclosures are not just for the medical sector. They are a huge timesaver for Industry 4.0 IoT/IIoT applications where manufacturers may have to install huge numbers of sensors across their smart factories. EASYTEC makes it very easy indeed.