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Challenging Clinical Environments

Medical devices are like the clinicians that use them. Both face punishing working conditions – but miraculously, neither is expected to show any signs of wear. No patient wants to be treated by an overworked doctor who looks tired. Nor do they want to see medical equipment that looks scuffed and past its prime. They expect it to look spotless – all day, every day, no matter how old it is. So the enclosures housing these devices must be exemplary: smart, modern, robust and tamperproof. And they should be resilient so they continue to look ‘new’ for as long as possible.

Head of Marketing at OKW Gehäusesysteme

That is no easy task in a healthcare environment. Unlike ‘nine-to-five’ office equipment, medical electronics must:

  • withstand the hard knocks of frontline clinical care
  • be used 24/7/365 by a wide range of clinicians
  • be transported from ward to ward as hospitals struggle to fill gaps in resources
  • survive repeated deep cleaning (and not just because of Covid19 – medics have been waging war on healthcare-associated infections since the dawn of medicine).

But no one size fits all. The vast array of different healthcare applications creates a range of challenges for manufacturers.

For us, that means regularly adding new models to our range. Each of our models offers a degree of specialism – but is also versatile enough to adapt to each your particular requirements. And each housing is also easily customisable to help you maintain differentiation.