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The IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) focuses on industrial processes and workflows. The objectives include improving operational efficiency, reducing costs and ensuring faster processing. This can affect the areas of logistics and production, but also energy supply or the medical environment. The use of intelligent, interconnected systems facilitates smooth communication with each other.

The new EASYTEC wall-mounted enclosure has been optimally designed for the integration of smart sensors for the IIoT and the IoT.

OKW Gehäusesysteme/Marketing


OKW Gehäusesysteme has expanded its range of enclosures with the new EASYTEC. The special feature of this enclosure range is that there are fully integrated lugs on the short end faces of the bottom part. This allows the devices to be mounted quickly and easily on the wall. Depending on the desired orientation, this is possible either horizontally or vertically. The flanged enclosures can also be mounted on pipes or round profiles. For the latter application, they can be mounted using cable ties. This is supported visually by the rounded recess on the underside, and it also holds better. The enclosure is mounted using four stainless steel screws with Torx drive on the underside. This means that no screws are visible, which has a positive influence on the appearance. PCBs can be installed on the fastening pillars in the top part and/or in the bottom part.

The plastic enclosures are available in two different sizes, each in two heights: size 80 in 101 x 50 x 22/26 mm and size 100 in 121 x 62 x 26/31 mm (length including flange x width x height). Off-white, RAL 9002, is available from stock as the standard colour. The enclosure is made of high-quality, flame-retardant ASA+PC-FR material (UL 94 V-0). The enclosure has a two-part design, thus providing a high degree of stability. The supply includes a flat top part, a flat bottom part with flange and an assembly kit. The kit contains self-adhesive, anti-slip enclosure feet to ensure stability if desktop use is required. The corners are characterised by large radii.


A harsh environment can damage the internal electronics. It is important to offer them the best possible protection from moisture, dirt and dust. Short circuits or malfunctions should be ruled out. In order to protect the sturdy enclosure and its electronics compartment from robust environments, a seal is also available in the range of accessories. This allows the protection class to be raised from IP 40 to IP 65 and, in addition to indoor use, allows robust outdoor use as well. This is also supported by the stainless steel screws with Torx drive used to hold the enclosure together. The seal is inserted into the groove in the bottom part.

Self-tapping screws with cross recess or alternatively with Torx drive are available from stock. This allows PCBs or other components to be mounted quickly. For this purpose, there are two fastening pillars each in the top and bottom parts.


EASYTEC enclosures can easily be integrated into a wide range of applications thanks to the lugs and the rounded recess on the bottom part. Indoors, the enclosures can be mounted on the wall or on a pipe, which allows simple and efficient use in the field of measurement or also control technology. In the field of the IIoT, the terminal can be used to improve operational efficiency in production. Faults or problems in machines and systems can be detected immediately by means of LEDs mounted on the enclosures.

The robust design of the enclosure, including the seal, facilitates installation in industrial environments or outdoors. EASYTEC can record weather data or check the quality of the air (environmental technology). Other areas of application include sensor technology, medical and laboratory technology, information technology and safety and monitoring technology.


In order to guarantee optimum use of the subsequent terminal units, the standard enclosures can be modified by OKW through a series of refinements and finishes. These are carried out individually and according to customer requirements. For example, EASYTEC enclosures can be printed with corporate colours or logos. If cutouts or interfaces are required for LEDs or operating elements, mechanical processing can be carried out. OKW offers an EMC coating on the inside of the enclosure to protect the electronics from their own increased interference emission and from external interference. Installation or painting is also offered directly on site.

With immediate effect, OKW now offers a new technology, laser marking. It is ideal for individual labelling, identifying or marking. In particular, very small machine-readable markings, e.g. QR codes, barcodes, and the consecutive numbering of individual parts and texts, can thus be applied quickly and easily. Laser marking involves a colour change on the surface. Dark and light plastics turn grey at the points to be marked.