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SMART-CONTROL - for easy installation in standard room corners

For precise use, devices used for the large-area monitoring of security areas or public spaces should be placed as high up on the ceiling as possible. Various sensors can also be used there for easy communication. The devices are often mounted on walls, the corners remain empty.

OKW Gehäusesysteme has designed a suitable solution for these unused areas – SMART-CONTROL. The devices do not interfere, they are ideally protected from damage, are space-saving and make optimum use of the usually empty room corners.

OKW Gehäusesysteme/Research & Development


The new SMART-CONTROL has a basic triangular shape. This makes it ideal for corner applications. The modern design blends harmoniously into the room, without requiring valuable wall space. However, the plastic enclosure can also be used at an ergonomic installation angle of 45°. The SMART-CONTROL is available in two sizes with the following dimensions (H x W x D): the compact size S with 142 x 81 x 46 mm, and size M with 173 x 101 x 59 mm. Depending on the required installation volume, the right enclosure can be selected here. There are also two versions for each size, and these differ only in the top part. Anyone planning to fit a décor foil or membrane keyboard will choose the version with a recessed surface. If this is not required, you can opt for the complex arched variant. The rounded corners of the enclosure ensure a uniform appearance.  

In addition to the top and bottom parts, the enclosure cover includes an assembly kit with a universal adapter for a wall or desktop suspension element. In order not to disrupt the design on the visible side, the individual parts are screwed together with 4 Torx stainless steel screws on the rear of the enclosure. The adapter is attached to the bottom part with a screw. There are sufficient fastening pillars in the top and bottom parts for the installation of PCBs circuit boards and built-in parts.

SMART-CONTROLs are made of flame-resistant ASA+PC-FR (UL 94 V-0). The material offers high UV resistance. The enclosures are available from stock in the typical OKW colour off-white, RAL 9002. If a different colour is desired, however, this can be requested. The enclosures have IP40 protection as standard.


The new SMART-CONTROL is the first enclosure by OKW Gehäusesysteme for easy installation in standard room corners. A wall suspension element is available to mount it correctly. The accessory allows the simple, flush installation of the enclosure in 90° inside corners or on a flat surface. Mounting is effected longitudinally by a simple snap-in device with the Uni-Adapter supplied with the enclosure. If the device is to be mounted on a flat surface, there are 3 options: vertically or horizontally, or at an ergonomic angle of 45°.

Alternatively, the enclosures can be used as desktop applications. For this purpose, a desktop stand set can be attached to the bottom part. This provides stability when it is placed horizontally on the desk. Data can be entered and read off at an ergonomically favourable angle of 45°. Self-adhesive enclosure feet prevent the device from slipping and ensure stability. Installation is exactly the same as with the wall suspension element, by snapping into the adapter.

A seal is available to achieve protection class IP55. This is inserted into the existing groove in the bottom part. Self-tapping screws are available in the range of accessories for fixing PCBs and integrated parts.


The areas of application of the new enclosure range are very diverse, especially due to their space-saving installation. In safety and monitoring technology, for example, the SMART-CONTROL can be used as a monitoring device for different purposes. Thanks to the corner mounting, the greatest possible control is possible. Thanks to its raised installation, it is also ideally protected, for example from vandalism. In environmental technology, important data such as air quality or noise levels can be measured. Its use is particularly interesting in the IoT/IIoT sector. The devices are assigned a unique identity in the network and are equipped with electronic intelligence. Communication takes place through the Internet. Tasks are thus carried out fully automatically. 

In addition, applications are possible in measurement and control technology, in gateways for connecting two systems, in medical and laboratory technology or in sensor technology.


The enclosures are processed directly in-house. Any holes or cut-outs required by the customer can easily be made by means of mechanical machining. To protect the electronics from interference, an EMC aluminium coating can be applied to the inside of the enclosure. To individualise the enclosures, they can simply be printed or labelled as desired. This allows the logo to be perfectly presented, or important functions of the end devices and tuning knobs can be visually embellished and highlighted. On request, assembly can also be carried out on site, and much more. From standard enclosures to individual customer solutions – at OKW Gehäusesysteme, everything comes from a single source.

Recently, OKW Gehäusesysteme started offering a new method: laser marking. It is ideal for individual labelling, identifying or marking. In particular, very small machine-readable markings, e.g. QR codes, barcodes, and the consecutive numbering of individual parts and texts, can thus be applied quickly and easily.


SMART-CONTROL in a standard room corner

Wall suspension element as an accessory

Installation on a flat surface at an angle of 45°