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Real-time localisation in the healthcare sector

Real-time localisation in the healthcare sector

IPCS by 9Solutions is a Bluetooth-based system for localising persons and material goods in hospitals and care facilities. With the help of mobile IPCS tags, patients and the care staff can quickly be localised when patients require support.
The system offers a wide variety of possible applications:

  • real-time localisation of persons and material goods, e.g. wheelchairs
  • emergency calls by home residents, patients and staff
  • alarms in the event of defined events
  • protection against endangered persons wandering away
  • call and signal connection from in-house nursing locations

A suitable gateway – CCU – is required to connect the 9Solutions network with the cloud through the Internet. For this, 9Solutions has decided in favour of the OKW SOFT-CASE enclosure range, size XL in off-white. Recesses for the lateral interfaces (network, USB, LEDs) are made quickly and accurately by OKW Gehäusesysteme.


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