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CAN BUS system module

CAN BUS system module for packaging machines

The company A + P Microcomputer GmbH develops, designs and manufactures customer-specific controllers, including those for packaging machines.

One solution shows the CAN BUS system module presented here for a packaging machine for apples and other solid goods. It assumes important control and monitoring tasks. With the help of function keys and an LCD display, it also offers the machine personnel on site the option of operator control and monitoring. The communication standard CAN is frequently used in the field of automation because it allows access to various items of machine and plant information.

Thanks to the simple and quick snap-in installation on standard DIN rails according to DIN EN 60715 TH35, the CAN BUS system modules can be mounted directly in the control cabinet of the machine. For the choice of the enclosure, a decision was taken in favour of the Railtec B DIN rail enclosure, 9 modules, by OKW. To meet the requirements, the cutouts for the LCD display and membrane keypad were made in the top parts of the enclosures.


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