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Analysing water quality

Analysing water quality

Analysing water quality on site

Water is not the same as water. Water varies as much as its origins do. Furthermore, environmental influences also affect the quality of the water. This is why regular analyses are so important, to guarantee constant high water quality.

Over 250 water profiles can be stored using the illustrated model. It is also possible to download the results using an RS232 interface. The display is backlit and has a resolution of 128 x 64 pixels. A membrane keyboard with 9 tactile keys is used to operate the unit.

For the case, the customer decided in favour of the OKW HAND-TERMINAL. A decisive factor here was the ergonomic and innovative design, the material specification UL 94 V-0 as well as accessories such as battery compartment, battery clips and a seal for the protection class IP 65. In addition, the case was treated to include an aluminium inner coating for the case from OKW. This allowed the delivery period to be reduced to a minimum, and also helped the customer to save costs.



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